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Sugar Sweet - Selah  OFA
White German Shepherd
black and tan long coat german shepherd

We have focused in our years of breeding the old style german shepherd on the females of our breeding program tracing back to our foundation Dam "Super Sweet Sabrina" 120lbs pictured on photo gallery page.
Selah`s Long coat German Shepherds

Kind Kye-Anne -Selah

The Dogs Pictured Below are all Retired from  Breeding!
Dynamite Surprise U-Selah

Photos of our FEMALES
Agape Moses-Selah
You can see pictures of Dyna,Kye-Anne,Helga and Jetta at bottom of page. They are all retired from breeding, but continue to pass on their genes through the girls we have now.
We will anounce puppies for sale and upcoming litters on our puppies page.
Pictures of puppies will be posted there also .
Helga O-Mega Selah
Olga here is a special girl to me! Very large 110lbs. 28in tall.Also sired by Brutus &  Mega. Helga is her grandmother and Dyna her great grandmother. Moses and Amos is also in her pedigree. Most of these dogs are posted on our photo gallery page.
Olga O-Mega Selah
"Olga"  108lbs. OFA
Laken 100lbs. very calm soft disposition also tracing back to a lot of our old bloodlines. 
Mother to Deacon and Luther!
Mega 100lbs. OFA
Also mother to Bertha
BERTHA Her mother is Mega pictured below.
98lbs. OFA
105 lbs. OFA Her mother is Lola.
HILDA  100+lbs. OFA
From Olga (pictured below) and Boss
Trinity Her grandmother is "Jetta" pictured below.
Mia is a 98lbs female mostly black bi-color.
Destiny is a 89 lb female that is black/cream.
Molly is a 100lb female that is black/tan.