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Giant German Shepherd dog
Large Old Fashion Style German Shepherd Dogs
Large Long Coat German Shepherds
Diamonds Dynamic Lightning*
Penn-Hip at 7yrs old
Buggy 120lbs
Lady from Hades-Selah*
Super Sweet Sabrina-Selah*
Captain & Zurk are Full Brothers
Zurk Von Sentze**

Mother to Captain,Zurk, Lucas, Moses,& Mona
Zurk is sire to Buggy & Lady

A true Gentle Giant
Morris`s Good Morning Mona OFA*
Lucas & Moses full Brothers to Mona
120lbs OFA
 Selah`s Oversized German Shepherds from our Past
Super Sweet Sabrina Selah was the foundation to our bloodlines owned & Bred by us. Producing Awesome oversized Offspring. A  giant beautiful long coat GSD closely resembling the Old World German Shepherd.  We give credit to Sabrina`s bloodline and  her breeder Don Baker for magnificent dogs we have now!
 Breeder of Captain , Lucas, Mona, Moses,& Buggy    Alice Fisher
Agape Moses-Selah * 125lbs OFA*
Moses is sire to Dyna, Lola,& Jetta    pictured on females page.
Buggy`s Dam is Shilohs Golden Sheba Express
out of AKC GSD Shiloh`s Easy Rider
sired by AKC GSD Shiloh`s Still Smokin
Zurk also sired by "Shilohs Easy Rider"
All of these German Shepherds are retired from breeding and is our foundation to our breeding program. The ones with yellow star * is in our pedigrees.  These Large German Shepherds pictured here are ancestors to the pups we have now!
Alice`s large German Shepherds
Becky's long coat German Shepherds
 Past Puppies
Also a foundation Dam for the shiloh shepherd breed
Super Sweet Sabrina-Selah
visit the links above for pictures of the Large beautiful GSDs we own and breed now out of these big  beautiful Old Style shepherds pictured here sometimes refered to as Alsation.
304-947-5480 Becky     304-788-5131   Alice