Rasta 150lbs. sire to Boss
Nika 100+lbs mother to Boss
Ezra & Samson Litter
Long Haired Old Fashioned German Shepherd Puppies
Boss 130lbs. OFA
Sire to Ezra OFA
One female available and ready and ready for a new  home , pictured @7wks. Last but not least, very sweet girl, stays right by me all the time.
A true Gentle Giant
Moses sire to Jetta
Jetta @ 6yrs. mother to Ezra (90lbs) OFA
Ezra`s picture pedigree
Lady,mother to Jetta. 90lbs. OFA

Jetta @ 12yrs. 2010 blizzard
Ezra enjoying a break from her pups in our recent snow storm
This is "Jake", resting from playing in the snow before getting too deep. He is a sable from Ezra`s last litter. 7mths old.
Scroll down for more of the two girls
As I expected, This litter is very calm laid back temperaments. Gentle meduim to low drive. Easy going and love to be held. High drive pups dont want to be held very long. Very sweet outgoing and confindent!