large bone and huge size at 7mths
Samson at 7mths!
Large boned female long coat
Thor male  6mths
Grace 7mths
 Cyrus offspring from various litters pictured at various ages.
I am expecting more pictures to come soon. Visit this page again for more updates.
If you have a puppy sired by Cyrus , Please send "updated" photos so we can add it for all to see!
Selah Old Fashion Long Coat German Shepherd Dog Pictures of offspring from Cyrus`s various litters.

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Addison 6mths
Rocky and Cade (brothers)
 "Sarge" at 8wks and 6 mths
Sugar is his mother
Ryan Helga and Cyrus Boy
Addison is solid white, Cyrus carries the white recessive gene.  Sugar is her mother.
Samson at 1yr. of age out of Cyrus and Sugar
"Elsa" Female from Dyna and Cyrus